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Received an Honorable Mention from NPR Education in the 2021 NPR Student Podcast Challenge

The world is a strange place. From creepy conspiracy theories, to weird laws, to terrifying cults, this podcast explores them all. Each week, one of our hosts takes a deep dive into a strange, weird, and random topic, and discusses what they found with the other hosts.

Gavin, Leah, and Chris are three college graduates who started This Strange World as a project for class, but became so interested in learning more about strange topics that they decided to make it for real. Join them on their journey as they try to make sense of This Strange World.

Season 3 (Bizarre Experiences) & 4 (Cryptids) of This Strange World were made in affiliation with High Tops Media

Hosted by Gavin Berger, Leah Ettinger, and Chris Ashe
Theme Music by Kai Song
Original Cover Art Design by Michael Zilvetti

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