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As a college athlete do you know your rights under Title IX, the law that bars discrimination on the basis of gender?  As someone who cares about fairness in college sports, do you know what Title IX requires and what it doesn’t require when it is applied to athletics? Join Dr. Ellen J. Staurowsky, her students, and leading experts, as they talk about all things Title IX and college sports.

Presented by the Ithaca College Title IX and College Sport Class through the Park School of Communications & High Tops Media

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About Talking Title IX and College Sports:

The Title IX and College Sports Education Project is a project undertaken by students in the Title IX and College Sports course offered at Ithaca College in the Spring of 2023. This project responds to the need to share educational resources with athletes, coaches, fans, journalists, and members of the general public about Title IX basics and what they need to know to assess whether schools are abiding by Title IX’s requirements as they apply to college and university athletic departments.

Season 1 Credits:


Producers: Dr. Ellen J. Staurowsky, Sarah DeVito, Max Finkelstein, Nick Lubrano, Brian O'Donnell

Co-Hosts: Max Adams, Aidan Charde, Jack Henry Cicio, Kyle DeSantis, Isaiah Couser, Arla Davis, Jeremy Goldstein, Dean Gutic, Jake Lentz, Jess Moskowitz, Dustin Terry

Social Media Team: Katharine Downey, Peter Raider

Website Design & Development: Matt Kane, Jillian Payne

Audio Engineers: Sahil Chandiramani, Charlie Norman, Dylan Potemri

Researchers/Writers: Tess Ferguson, Daniel Fox, Evan Glotzer, Colin Herb, John (Jack) McCarthy, Gabriel Morel, Norman (Oliver) Rucker, Jared Sedlock

Executive Producer: Gavin Berger with High Tops Media

Park School Dean's Office & Technical Support: Dean Amy Falkner, April Johanns, DiAndre Summerville, Ryan Berryann, Jeremy Menard, Christian DeBrigard, Ari Pelan

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